"I experienced Ryu's touch as incredibly patient, caring, with a deep listening, and skillful engagement. I highly recommend him." - Josie K.

Boulder Rolfing What to Expect


What does Rolfing feel like?

Rolfers use techniques that address the connective tissue system in the body. This can feel like we are using our hands or elbows to give a satisfying pressure that releases tension in the body – you could say we are using our hands like rolling pins to roll out the pressure.

Clients actively engage in the sessions, and are asked to do simple movements that help the body receive the work.

Does Rolfing hurt?

I am happy to tell you that Rolfing does not have to be painful, at least not with me.

As is true with most forms of bodywork, if someone has to contract or resist the work being done due to intensity or pain, it is counter-productive. Please be assured that I will always work within your comfort zone.

I use a comfortable listening touch, and I will be in an ongoing conversation with you about the pressure I use to achieve the best possible results.

What should I wear?

I want to make sure that you are comfortable with what you wear during the session.

For Women – You could wear light running shorts and a sports bra, a tank top or something similar that works for you.

For Men – Boxer briefs usually work best. You can also wear light running shorts or something similar.

What should I do after a Rolfing session?

Please drink plenty of water after a session as it will help flush out any toxins and hydrate your connective tissues.

The process of integrating the work done in a session may last up to 48 hours after the session. Many people experience sensations during this time related to their body finding a new balance and alignment with the changes that have been made.

I do not recommend doing any rigorous physical activity for 24 hours after a session, as it may interrupt this integration process. If you intend on doing anything beyond walking or light hiking or gentle yoga, please be aware that this process is taking place.