"I truly feel that Rolfing helped me to release some of my emotional defenses and that it has helped me to progress along my personal path of self-healing." - Melody P.


-Are you concerned about the negative effects that stress is having on your health?

-Do you feel like you are constantly in “doing” mode and have trouble finding the off switch?

-Would you like to learn a reliable process that you can do on your own to release your stress, tension and emotional discomfort?

TRE (Trauma Tension Releasing Exercises) is a process created by David Berceli, that I was introduced to in 2012. I personally found the process to be extremely useful in helping me manage my own stress, anxiety, and other states of distress, and use this process regularly.

Since I started my Rolfing practice, I have noticed that many of the clients I saw were having a lot of difficulty relaxing enough to gain the full benefit of Rolfing. In order for Rolfing to work, it requires that you are able to receive therapeutic touch in a way that has your nervous system relax so it can let go of subconsciously held tension. 

I observed that many of my most challenging clients had difficulty finding a state of overall physiological relaxation that would be receptive to therapeutic touch in the first place, and this was what made their work challenging, more so than the specific physical issue that they were trying to resolve.

In contrast, people who had cultivated the capacity to physically relax found significant change through Rolfing that sustained in their daily life.

In 2018 I became a Certified TRE Provider so that I can teach this process to people who are: 

-Interested in being able to come out of stress and learn how to relax so they can get more benefit from Rolfing and other therapeutic touch methods and heal their physical issues.

-Are interested in working with me as a healer so that they can experience deeper emotional and psychological transformation by releasing old emotional baggage and having a way to manage their distress on their own.

What is TRE?

TRE is a set of simple exercises that activates the natural tremoring mechanism in the human body that most of us have been socially conditioned out of. You may have noticed that your body natural shakes in scary, or tense situations (public speaking, watching horror movies, etc…)

Wild animals typically tremor or shake out the internal stress and tension created from the adrenaline rush from being in threatening situations. 

Since most of us socialized humans don’t know how to do this, rather than releasing this tension and fight or flight energy from the body, we walk around continually holding stress and tension in our bodies in a state of perpetual distress, and use a lot of unhelpful strategies to try to distract or self-medicate ourselves out of our own distress.

How Do I Learn It?

I guide people through the exercises and familiarize them with the process and how to engage with the actual tremoring in a way that is constructive. The process does take some time to learn and become familiar with, including practicing it on your own, and has many nuances that make a big difference over time.

You will need to become familiar with the exercises, and the tremoring mechanism, which brings up sensation to be metabolized by the nervous system. While most people feel relaxation when they tremor, in many cases it can bring up old emotional baggage that you will need to know how to navigate if it comes up.

If you are new to the process, I will insist that you commit to at least 3 sessions so that you can fully take the time to learn the process and understand it enough that you can productively practice it on your own. In addition, if you complete a 60 day tremoring challenge after the 3rd session (practicing tremoring 40 times over the course of 2 months) I will give you a free session at the end of the 60 days so that we can check in on your progress and honor your commitment to fully benefiting from this process.