The work has exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Ryu's Rolfing to anyone. - Stephen G.

I have X physical issue/pain. Is it okay for me to tremor?

TRE is not recommended if you have had a recent back or abdominal surgery, or are pregnant. You should be okay to tremor unless you have specific injuries or pain issues that severely limit your capacity to move. You are fine if your doctor has cleared you for exercise. The exercises can be modified to suit most people. If you are concerned, please contact me and we can discuss your situation.

How is it different from just shaking?

There are many videos of people tremoring online. The tremor in TRE is not a voluntary shaking movement. The experience of tremoring is more that the body is doing something outside of your conscious command. You can stop or allow your body to do this involuntary tremoring, but the tremoring itself is involuntary.

Do I need to prepare for this in any way? Is there any equipment I need?

You do not need to prepare anything. The only thing I suggest is that you wear something comfortable to move in so that you can do the exercises (i.e. please do not wear a skirt). You do not need anything special to practice at home. A blanket or yoga mat if you do not have carpeted floors should suffice.

Is it really intense?

Of all of the various healing methods I have explored over the past few years, TRE is probably one of the most gentle I have come across. It is more on the rare side that people have intense experiences with TRE. It may be more likely that something like that comes up for you if you are dealing with a lot of emotional distress. Part of learning TRE is making sure that if distress arises, that you know how to properly stop the tremoring process before you get overwhelmed. In spite of “Trauma” being part of its name, most people find TRE enjoyable, curious, and relaxing to do. When you start learning to do TRE, we take it very slow so that you can have a clear sense of the effect that TRE has on you, and not push the nervous system unnecessarily. In this case less is more.