"I truly feel that Rolfing helped me to release some of my emotional defenses and that it has helped me to progress along my personal path of self-healing." - Melody P.
Boulder Rolfing 10 Series

Left – Before | Right – After

The Rolfing 10-Series

Rolfing SI is traditionally done in the format of 10 Sessions. The 10 Sessions follow a specific approach to the body, a “recipe” that was devised by the originator of this work, Ida P. Rolf.

In Rolfing, we look at the body as a system of inter-balancing parts that make a whole. When one part goes out of balance, everything else has to re-balance around it, which over time can lead to various strains and pains.

The less the body is in a balanced alignment, the more likely it is that it will – over time – go back into a state of imbalance and cause strain and pain.

The 10 Session Rolfing series is a sequence of sessions designed to address all of the significant balancing relationships in the body so that it can find a greater and more permanent level of balance, resilience, and health.

The 10 Sessions:

Sessions 1-3: Sleeve Sessions – These sessions address the surface layers of connective tissue in the body.

Session 1 – Open the Breath: We create more ease of breath, preparing the body for change and providing support for the chest, shoulders, and neck.

Session 2 – Align the Feet: We improve the flexibility and balance of the feet so that the body can feel supported by the ground.

Session 3 – Lengthen the Sides: We lengthen and free up the sides of the body so that breath can move in all directions.

Sessions 4-7: Core Sessions – These sessions address the deep layers of tissue influencing the spine.

Session 4 – Core Support from the Legs: We work along the legs creating support for the upper body from the legs.

Session 5 – Core Support through the Abdomen: We continue from session 4, bringing the support from the legs upwards through the torso.

Session 6 – Core Support from the Back: We work along the back of the legs into the lower back, making sure the torso has support from the back of the body.

Session 7 – Bring Core Support to the Head: We work on the head and shoulders, balancing them on the torso so they can be supported from below.

Sessions 8-10: Integration Sessions – These sessions help reprogram movements and make the changes last.

Sessions 8/9 – Integrate the Lower/Upper Body: These two sessions make a pair. For each session we balance and integrate changes in either the lower or upper body to facilitate long lasting change.

Session 10 – Integrate the Entire Body: We finish integrating and balancing the joints and layers of connective tissue so that the body is aligned and all parts work together as a whole.