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Rolfing® SI

Rolfing® Structural Integration is a form of holistic, hands-on therapy that was originally developed by American biochemist Ida P. Rolf.

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Ida P. Rolf

Rolfing works on the network of tissue called the connective tissues, or fascia, that wrap around all of your muscles, bones and organs, and through your entire body.

This often neglected network of tissue has several important roles. One of them is that it helps support the body in space.

If you sit in front of the computer for hours with your shoulders scrunched forward, eventually the connective tissues will tense up around your shoulders to help you hold this poor posture.

Over time your body will get stuck in this position, so no amount of advice someone gives you to “pull your shoulders back, and sit up straight” will help, since the tissues are now stuck in that position.

Whether caused by an injury or poor posture, a Rolfer™ helps you release stuck connective tissues so that your body can return to a more relaxed, balanced, efficient, and healthy posture.


How does Rolfing SI Bring the Body Back into Balance?

Misalignment Happens1. Let’s say I injure my ankle. In order to protect my injury, the connective tissues in my ankle tighten and tense up, shortening my leg.
2. Now that one of my legs is shorter than the other, my hips are out of balance, which then throws my torso out of balance.
3. So now I need to shift my torso in order to be balanced, which then throws my head off balance.
4. Finally, I need to tilt my head back up into balance so that my eyes are level to the ground. Phew, all that from just an ankle injury!

Because the muscles in my neck are now straining more to hold my head upright, I experience pain and cramping in my neck and headaches.

All of the ways that my body was affected by my ankle injury led to my neck issues. All of the issues need to be addressed for these to heal. No matter the source, any impact to the body echoes through the entire system.

Rolfing SI addresses all of the important relationships in the body, to make sure that the body is brought to a greater and more permanent level of balance and health.