"Throughout the ten series, there was a monumental transition from feeling incredibly fragile to once again feeling strength and stability within my entire body." - Chelsie Tubman C.M.T.

Healing Modalities

Alongside my work as a Rolfer over the past several years, I have been trained to help people navigate their difficult emotional experiences through various modalities:

-I am a Circling practitioner and teacher. I was trained in circling in 2012 and have been on staff for a variety of Circling workshops at the Integral Center (www.integralcenter.org) over the past few years including being part of the Course Leader team for the T3 Circling Facilitation training since 2015. I have also taught my own circling classes – You can go here for my introduction to the practice: http://www.whatiscircling.com/what-is-circling-video/

-I am a Luminous Healing Practitioner, having trained with the Luminous Awareness Institute since 2013. I have gone through their graduate program, and am currently a teacher’s assistant for their 2-year program in California. – www.luminousawareness.com

I am a Certified TRE™ (Trauma Tension Releasing Exercises) Provider – www.traumaprevention.com

I have been trained in the Adult Attachment Repair Method (AARM) Level 1 – www.attachmentrepairmodel.com