The work has exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Ryu's Rolfing to anyone. - Stephen G.

Many musculoskeletal problems are caused by modern lifestyle – sitting at desks, in front of computers, and driving in cars, etc…Most of these activities make our brains tune out certain muscle chains in our bodies, causing them to be used less, weaken, and eventually making them unable to support our bodies. 

In addition, conventional exercise doesn’t focus on or teach us how to re-activate these muscle chains. Foundation Training is a set of yoga-like exercises that are specifically designed to counteract these body problems caused by a modern lifestyle.

In my Rolfing practice I have found that while many people can experience a lot of physical change to their body in a Rolfing session – sometimes permanently – when most people go back into their lives, they go back into their old habits of moving and using their bodies, and eventually their physical problems come back.

In 2017 I injured my low back deadlifting, and had a very difficult time trying to find some kind of method of taking care of my body that I could do on my own to heal from my injury. I came across Foundation Training, and from just practicing 1 hour a week, I found that my low back injury steadily recovered.

I am a Certified Student Instructor of Foundation Training, and happy to show you how you can take care of your own body so that you can:

-Recover from physical problems caused by modern lifestyle

-Maintain the capacity to do the physical activities that you want through your lifespan

-Gain greater benefit from seeing a Rolfer, Massage Therapist, or any other bodyworker or corrective exercise modality

-Have a way to take care of your own body that you can do on your own