The work has exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Ryu's Rolfing to anyone. - Stephen G.

Here’s a secret. The real reason I became interested in Rolfing™ is because I was interested in the role that our bodies play in our relationships with others.

Intimacy, or connection, is about the way we effect each other in the present moment. Two people cannot be in connection unless they effect each other. If two things don’t affect each other, can we really say that they are connected?

Connection is about sharing that it feels different in your body. It actually feels different being with one friend, as opposed to another friend, or being alone in a room. I’m guessing that you have friends that you consistently hang out with. If you do, I imagine that there are reasons why you hang around them, some way that they impact you that has you want to be around them. Have you ever told them explicitly what that is? How it feels different to be around them?

One thing that’s unique about Rolfing™ is that it’s a practice that cultivates body sensation and awareness. Much like a meditation. We actually work with the body’s inherent awareness in order to make changes in the body. This cultivated body awareness doesn’t have to be something you just forget about when you leave the session room.

I am trained as a facilitator in an intimacy practice called “Inter-Subjective Meditation” which is an exploration of how we effect each other in the present moment. I use the practice as a coaching method to help people discover ways in which they cut themselves off from their felt experience, and thus cut themselves off from having deeper connections in their relationships.

I am happy to be one of the first people to offer this practice in conjunction with Rolfing™. I want the body awareness and internal space that we cultivate during Rolfing™ Sessions to affect how you relate to yourself and to the rest of the world. May it permeate through you and into every aspect of your life.