"I truly feel that Rolfing helped me to release some of my emotional defenses and that it has helped me to progress along my personal path of self-healing." - Melody P.


Hi, I’m Ryu. I’m a Rolfer™ certified by the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration in Boulder, CO.

I originally became interested in Rolfing in college as I was exploring the mind-body connection. I came across Rolfing as a practice of learning to embrace the body, and received my first 10 Series.

I still remember the first Rolfing session I had. After the session I went to a food court at a mall nearby to eat, but rather than go order food, I found myself sitting at a table for a while, feeling euphoria from the way Rolfing had opened up my ribcage and made it possible for me to breathe deeper.

I decided to become a Rolfer to have a deeper understanding of how and what we carry in our bodies as well as how our bodies affect our sense of self.

I have been in practice since August of 2012 and since then have continued to develop my capacity to support people with their bodies, whether coming out of pain and tension, improving performance, or simply coming into more physical wellbeing. 

In addition to being a Rolfer, I am trained in the following modalities:

I am a Certified TRE™ (Trauma Tension Releasing Exercises) Providerwww.traumaprevention.com

I am a Certified Foundation Training™ Student Instructorwww.foundationtraining.com

-I have studied Nerve Manipulation from Jon Martine, and Sourcepoint by Bob Schrei 

Since I started my Rolfing practice I have also deeply been involved in personal development work. I teach a relational meditation practice called “Circling” at the Integral Center in Boulder (www.integralcenter.org).

I am a Circling Practitioner and Teacher. I have been on staff for a variety of Circling workshops at the Integral Center over the past few years including being part of the Course Leader team for the T3 Circling Facilitation training since 2015. You can see my circling website at: www.whatiscircling.com

I am a Luminous Healing Practitioner, having trained with the Luminous Awareness Institute since 2013. I have gone through their graduate program, and am currently on support staff for their 2-year program in California. – www.luminousawareness.com

I am trained in AARM (Adult Attachment Repair Method) Level 1www.attachmentrepairmodel.com

It has been a great joy of mine as a Certified Rolfer to help people not only move beyond their pains and discomforts, but also access an inner strength, ease, and resilience in their body as they move through their life.