The Rolfing experience was exactly what I was hoping for. Muscle spasms that have been present in my neck for the past two years resolved, and I have relief from pain in areas that have not responded to other therapies and modalities. - Stephen G.

Hi, I’m Ryu. I’m a Rolfer™ certified by the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration in Boulder, CO.

I use a deep, listening presence cultivated from my own awareness practices to help people heal pain and discomfort that may have been present for years.

I am also a personal development facilitator certified by the organization Authentic World. I facilitate regularly at the Integral Center in Boulder, and am on staff for many of their trainings and workshops.

It has been a great joy of mine as a Certified Rolfer to help people not only move beyond their pains and discomforts, but also access an inner strength, ease, and resilience in their body as they move through their life.

People who go on the journey that Rolfing® sessions provide discover that their body is okay. That their body is theirs. That their body can be a great friend and resource in their life. – You don’t need to fight with it, struggle with it, or be ashamed about it.

All of my work is informed by my deep love and understanding of our experience as human beings, and the stories we carry with us in our psychology as well as our physiology.